2017 Guest Curator

Jennifer Bonner

Jennifer Bonner is Director of MALL and Assistant Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Her research and design work has been published in journals including Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Wallpaper, a+t, DAMn, ART PAPERS, offramp, PLAT, and MAS Context. She is the founder of A Guide to the Dirty South, editor of Harvard University GSD’s Platform: Still Life, and editor of ART PAPERS special architecture and design issue on Los Angeles. Bonner has exhibited at the Royal Institute of British Architects, National Building Museum, Association of Architects of Catalonia, pinkcomma gallery, HistoryMIAMI, and most recently at the Istanbul Design Biennial. Born in Alabama, Jennifer received a Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where she was awarded the James Templeton Kelley Prize for her project Assemblage of Twins. Her undergraduate thesis project, Cedar Pavilion, was designed and constructed at the Rural Studio in Perry County, Alabama.